Sea City, Here We Come! by Ann M. Martin

Sea City, Here We Come! (The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #10)

by Ann M. Martin

3.73 ·
[?] · 10 ratings · Published: 01 Feb 1996

Sea City, Here We Come! by Ann M. Martin
Every summer the Pikes rent a house right on the ocean in Sea City, New Jersey. And they bring two sitters along to take care of the Pike kids. Only this time, the whole entire Baby-sitters Club is going!

Mary Anne shows Logan all the sites - the beach, the boardwalk, the infamous Tunnel of Luv. Mallory gets asked out on a date (except it's with Stacey's ex-boyfriend!). And Jessi's busy being Sea City's Super Sitter. In fact, the Baby-sitters are having so much fun, no one's noticed that a gigantic hurricane named Bill is headed straight for Sea City!

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