Perfect (A Tavish Black Fantasy)

by L.E. Harner

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Perfect  (A Tavish Black Fantasy) by L.E. Harner
Dreams of the heart aren’t always secret. When the desire is strong enough—or the heart worthy enough—the words whisper on the wind. Tavish Black is the man who hears those secret desires…and sometimes makes them come true.

Paul humors his best friend Jerry’s wish for an evening at the mysterious Black mansion that promises they will each find their elusive perfect match. When the dreaded double date turns into a game of one-on-one, will both men discover they’re more than evenly matched or will Paul be left holding the ball?

This is book two in a series of erotic short stories involving Tavish Black and his mysterious invitations. All titles in this series are stand-alone.

Warning: This series contains material that may cause your e-reader to spontaneously combust. It is strongly recommended that you read in a place where your moans won’t disturb others. Includes content some readers may find uncomfortable. Especially without plenty of lube.

Pulp Friction: Heated Exchange…Leaving you Satisfied For Now
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Perfect  (A Tavish Black Fantasy) by L.E. Harner