What Friends Are For

by Kate Steele

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What Friends Are For by Kate Steele
Adri DuCovney's my best friend and she's in love with my brother Mike, though she'd never admit it. What she doesn't know is the feeling is mutual and Mike is every bit as stubborn and scared as she is. The trouble is, they've both had their hearts broken and love is something they're afraid to take a chance on again, so they pretend it doesn't exist.
If it wasn't so frustrating, it'd be funny to watch the two of them. They're like little kids. You know how when a little boy likes a little girl and to show his affection he punches her in the arm and then she turns around and kicks him in the shin? That's Adri and Mike. The blows they exchange aren't physical. They just constantly crack on each other. Sometimes, I feel like a referee.

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What Friends Are For by Kate Steele