The Lingerie Castle

by Markee Anderson

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The Lingerie Castle by Markee Anderson
*** NOTE: This is a sweet romance and not erotica—no sex, violence, nor swear words. The title is just the name of Alexis’ business, not of her own making. No castle and no lingerie were used or abused in the writing of this story. ***

When clothing designer Alexis Carlson accidentally spills her wine on the Scotsman sitting beside her on the plane overseas, she has no idea he's Camden Monroe—the famous European soccer player, and the client who wants her to design an entire clothing line using his name. Even though she just wants to do her job, Camden takes her on a working 'romp' around Scotland, asking more questions about her family-owned business and her life than she wants to answer. Alexis can't date clients because of past problems, but when Camden's American supermodel ex-girlfriend wants Camden back, Alexis wishes she could compete, but knows she's destined to be alone.

Full-length story, of about 99,326 words, and about 359 pages, priced low for readers to enjoy.

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The Lingerie Castle by Markee Anderson