The Protected: Book I of the Spirian Series (Spirian Saga #1)

by Rowena Portch

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The Protected: Book I of the Spirian Series by Rowena Portch

When the law of duality becomes imbalanced, a shift occurs to restore order
Prophecies predict the equinox of change will occur toward the end of 2012%u2014but, this change is already in motion. When people start to question reality, they develop the power to pierce the barrier of illusion and create wondrous things%u2014or horrible nightmares.
Skye Taylor is not convinced that the gifts she has developed are special in any way until she discovers her ability to heal. Her lifelong gift to see people beyond the physical was often associated with auras, but to Skye it is so much more. The energy that surrounds people tells a story and removes the shields that guard emotion and truth.
After losing everything she ever cared about, she moves to Washington in hopes of starting over. What she doesn%u2019t anticipate is the sequence of events that bring her face to face with Khalen Dunning; an extraordinary man with a very dark past.
In Khalen%u2019s world, anything is possible. The line between illusion and reality is blurred and the human spirit is stronger than physical bounds. Unfortunately, the empowered are not spared the law of duality. Power can be used to serve good as well as evil.
Khalen knows that Skye is special. Getting involved with her, though, draws him to the edge of his darkest memories, a place he vowed to never return.
The paradigm of duality defines the law of spiritual balance but willingly surrenders to the power of love.

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The Protected: Book I of the Spirian Series by Rowena Portch