The Scent of Rain (Moonlit Wings #4)

by Beth Gualda

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 22nd, 2011  | 

The Scent of Rain by Beth Gualda
Mya has her hands full enough dealing with the lawsuit the pastor of the Wonder and Light Open Bible Church has brought against her after that little skirmish in the parking lot, not to mention the fact he wants to make a bonfire of her art: the nudes the angels at Idlewild have graciously posed for over the years. But when her lover, the guardian angel, Pershabael, and her ex-lover, the fallen angel, Mazriel, come together under her roof to help sort things out, it's all Mya can do to keep the angels from going for each others' throats every time they pass in the hall. They are sworn enemies, so it's only right. What worries Mya most however, is when those sworn enemies suddenly become the best of friends. That's when she realizes something's up between them and it's definitely not right.

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  • fantasy 5
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The Scent of Rain by Beth Gualda