Two For The Show (By The Numbers #2)

by Jane Cousins

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Two For The Show by Jane Cousins
Las Vegas is a town full of neon signs, bright lights and crazy loons. Showgirl Sher Hanrahan should know, she’s become the focus of a stalker who wants her off the stage and out of show business for good.
Refusing to be intimidated by a few annoying notes, a flat tire or three and some tainted chocolates, Sher’s decided to fight back. There’s nothing this stalker bozo can do that will shake her determination to reclaim her life. That is until the dead bodies wrapped with red bows addressed to her begin turning up.
Honestly what was wrong with men these days, hadn’t they heard of flowers and jewellery?

Corporate trouble shooter Jake Donnelly is in Vegas with orders to protect a showgirl with a little stalker problem. Should be a walk in the park for a professional like him, right? That’s until he meets Sher Hanrahan of the mile high legs and wicked ‘I know something you don’t’ smile. Suddenly masquerading as her pretend boyfriend becomes the most important mission he’s ever been on. If he wants to keep the girl safe, switch his boyfriend status from pretend to real then he’s going to need to unravel a mystery and find a killer.
With the gorgeous Sher by his side what could possibly go wrong?

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Two For The Show by Jane Cousins