Once Lost, Forever Found (Volume #1)

by Nina Jean Slack

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Once Lost, Forever Found by Nina Jean Slack
Written in the form of a memoir, Effie tells the story of how she and her brother, Vladimir, had become lost in the world; their wayward teenage years.

Her internal struggles and emotions threaten to eat her alive. Memories of her childhood remind her of the innocence she once possessed. She has been hurt so many times in her life...the world can be so cruel. She knows there is more to life than this. She knows true love exists.

She looks up to her older brother Vladimir, who handles emotions so well on the outside. On the inside, he is screaming, and no one knows it, except for himself. How can someone be so strong for so long? There is a breaking point; there is pain, longing, loss, resentment, regret, anger, sadness, self-loathing, heartbreak, silent screams that will never be heard.......there is hope.

Where can hope be found in this world? How do you find yourself amongst the turmoil? Find yourself in this unforgettable, touching, emotional, relatable story of two young hearts who discover what it means to be Once Lost, Forever Found.

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Once Lost, Forever Found by Nina Jean Slack