Scared of Beautiful (Scared #1)

by Jacqueline Abrahams

3.75 · 4 ratings · Published: Jul 3rd, 2014  | 

Scared of Beautiful by Jacqueline Abrahams
Maia wants to be free. Free from the social obligations, free from the money, free from the control that her privileged upbringing has taken from her life. And at college, she wants to be unseen, unheard, unnoticed.

Jackson's life has been less than perfect since his high school girlfriend took the back door out of his life, permanently. After years of subscribing to an existence of less than gentlemanly behaviour, he decides to man up and go to college, promising to be done with random hook ups and female drama.

They had it all worked out, each one had a plan.

At least they did...until they met.

Together they run from everything; from life, from happiness, from each other. They are two people both so scared; of heartbreak, of repeating past mistakes, of trusting someone else. Two people simply scared of beautiful...

'Scared of Beautiful' is tagged as:

  • young adult 5
  • contemporary 5
  • college 4
  • new adult 2
  • secret child 1
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Scared of Beautiful by Jacqueline Abrahams