Memories of Another Life

by Emma Grayson

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Memories of Another Life by Emma Grayson
Ana Livingston has awoken from a five day coma to find that her world is vastly different from the one she distinctly remembers. Haunted by memories of a beloved husband and children that no-one else can corroborate, surrounded by family and friends who appear much younger than when she last saw them, she suspects that she has either traveled in time or that she is insane. Living through events a second time, she now possesses hindsight with which to address regrets and challenges, uncertain of the effect it will have on her own future and on those around her. With a new perspective on relationships and privileges she once took for granted, Ana embarks on a desperate search to reclaim a life she may never have lived.

Memories of Another Life is a story of love, fate and determination and especially a tale of how, in searching for romantic love, one woman also discovers the incredible tenacity and strength of the five women in her own family.

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Memories of Another Life by Emma Grayson