The Spirit Path (The Spirit Path #1)

by Tammy Tate

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jun 25th, 2014  | 

The Spirit Path by Tammy Tate
Nicole goes horseback riding, not knowing that the events of the day would forever change her life.
After she falls off her horse and hits her head she wakes up to unfamiliar surroundings only to find she
has traveled back in time to the year 1812.

She swung into the saddle, took a deep breath and then mustered the strength to ask him a question
that she had been putting off.

"What year is it?" She exhaled slowly, preparing herself for his response knowing that when she woke
up this morning it was 1997.

Flaming Arrow started to ride off, and then turned his horse to face her. "It is 1812"

'The Spirit Path' is tagged as:

  • time travel 10
  • paranormal 10
  • fantasy 10
  • contemporary 5
  • western 5
  • historical western 5
  • historical 5
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The Spirit Path by Tammy Tate