Devil's Food

by Heather Cleveland

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Devil's Food by Heather Cleveland
One impulse, one decision, one gamble can change your life forever. A stranger opens your door. You exchange a glance across a busy room. You answer a wrong number. And suddenly your life is entwined with someone else's. Your paths have crossed, and you are connected to another human being. What if that person stays in your life? What if that relationship is still important to you in ten, twenty, fifty years? You could meet that person today.

Luckily for Patrick Dunne, he takes a chance, and for once, it pays off.

Life hasn't been easy for Patrick. After years of destructive behavior, he finally pulls himself together only to have his world destroyed again. Now he's dealing with the anxiety. The anger. The guilt. Only his passion for cooking is keeping him from drowning.

With his supportive younger brother, Colin, the Irish natives own Ristorante Fratelli, a chic Italian bistro. It has the makings of one of Denver's best restaurants—or so says local blogger and critic, Greta Levine—as long as head chef, Patrick Dunne, can control his temper. After an insulting and patronizing encounter, Greta writes a review admonishing his behavior, sending Patrick into a final spiral.

But a wrong number saves him. Fueled by the anonymity, they begin texting, deliberately avoiding details of their "real" lives. A deep bond grows, and against all odds, they become each other's saving grace. Until he discovers his mystery lady's true identity…

Rounded out by a cast of lovable—and delightfully flawed—supporting characters, Devil's Food chronicles the connections we, as humans, crave and sometimes overlook.

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Devil's Food by Heather Cleveland