Emerald Fortune

by Louella Nelson

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 1st, 1991  | 

Emerald Fortune by Louella Nelson
Emerald Fortune—a novel of passion, intrigue, revenge, and “the redemptive power of love” (reviewer DeAnna Cameron).

The beautiful London-based widow Laura Marley is vulnerable in her recent grief, but that doesn't mean she's going to let the good-looking but embittered ex-agent Michael Stone run things in their quest to retrieve the million-dollar Garden Emerald that ruined their lives. She's used to running a multinational company; he's used to manipulating thugs and underworld kingpins. The A-type agent is not about to let a woman he wants to bed compromise his vengeful mission.

But he underestimates Laura's intelligence and resolve.

“Their attraction blazes!” (reviewer Linda O. Johnston)


The author would like to hear from readers at www.LouellaNelson.com .

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Emerald Fortune by Louella Nelson