Fighting for Salvation

by Aubrey St. Clair

3.50 · 6 ratings · Published: Sep 12th, 2014  | 

Fighting for Salvation by Aubrey St. Clair
No matter how hard you throw a punch, your fists alone can never beat your inner demons...

When a chance encounter brings street fighter Joel Slater and bartender Amber Sinclair together, both of their lives are changed in an instant. Amber's quiet and safe upbringing never prepared her for meeting someone like Joel, and Joel has trouble believing that someone like Amber is willing to spend time with him without expecting anything in return.

The only thing that seems important to Amber is understanding Joel, and soon her kindness lulls him into letting down his guard and allowing her slowly into his hardened heart. However, when her curiosity threatens to uncover a history he has worked to keep hidden, Joel must decide whether to face the troubles of his past head on, or continue to let them eat away at his broken soul.

Note: This novel was previously published as two novellas, "Broken" and "Unbroken" and has now been brought together as the novel it was originally intended to be.

'Fighting for Salvation' is tagged as:

  • contemporary 10
  • athletes 5
  • young adult 5
  • new adult 2
  • sports 2
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Fighting for Salvation by Aubrey St. Clair