by Lavender Youko

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Persephone by Lavender Youko
Stockholm Syndrome. A psychological condition that causes a person to feel understanding, even affection, towards their captor or abuser. It's deadly in the sense that the person feeling the symptoms will not perceive it in the slightest. It has caused hostages to hold guns to their heads and pull the trigger as a test of their faith without being told that the gun is completely unloaded.

Equally deadly in the same fashion is Lima Syndrome, which is the identical yet opposite mental state where the one in the act of imprisoning begins to sympathize with the very person they are holding prisoner. It goes deeper than merely feeling sorry for them – it can even turn into emotions of love and compassion, even though they are the ones causing the trauma.

I don't know what my name is anymore. But he called me Persephone.

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Persephone by Lavender Youko