Lead Him Not into Temptation (Redemption #2)

by M.L. Steinbrunn

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Lead Him Not into Temptation by M.L. Steinbrunn
Jennifer MacLauchlan is not who you think…

I’m damaged, but not destroyed.
I’ve been betrayed, but I remain loyal.
The only people I love don’t know the secrets I hold. They wouldn’t want me anymore if they did.

Casen Thompson refuses to acknowledge the world that left him behind…

I may be tattered, but I’m not torn.
I’m trusted by many, but I have faith in very few.
My love for music and the desire for the family I never had is the glue that holds my shattered soul together.

When these two volatile personalities collide, a firestorm of emotions erupts forcing both to face the fears that keep them from everything they have ever wanted. Secrets are unearthed and forgiveness is tested as Jen struggles to accept that Casen might be everything that could fix her.

Will Jen trust herself enough to truly lead Casen into a temptation that he can’t walk away from?

Lead Him Not into Temptation is an adult contemporary novel and is not intended for younger readers due to mature content.

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Lead Him Not into Temptation by M.L. Steinbrunn