Annie of London

by L.A. Rikand

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Annie of London by L.A. Rikand
At 25, Annie Smithton finally meets the man… …

who is definitely not what her parents had in mind when they paid for her Ivy League education.

She throws her hat over the ocean, leaving her parents’ dreams behind in a cloud of dust. Her heart’s desire is London co-worker Joe Barlow, and in an after-hours haze of music and ale, Annie finally lives.

Back in New York, her father falls ill and their family company becomes a target. With the founder out of commission, the corporate vultures circle in hope of acquiring Smithton’s assets and spreading them with the winds.

She must choose where her loyalty lies: in preserving the Smithton family legacy, or with her new employer, where she is an equity partner and a rising star in her own--un-inherited--right. Tangled in her choice is Joe, whose provincial Irish roots are planted far away from the golden towers of the Smithtons.

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Annie of London by L.A. Rikand