Julianna Galloway

by Brenda Nolan

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: May 26th, 2006  | 

Julianna Galloway by Brenda Nolan
His green eyes and chiseled jaw teased everywoman that he passed, but Julianna Galloway wouldn't even consider trying to tame Rolland Therrin. A strong sense of disgust for her guardian’s son kept her mostly at bay. Still, Rolland found ways to drive her insane and create a desire that Julianna could not ignore. When he informs her that she needs to find a husband Julianna is infuriated. However, a retreat with her best friend is an opportunity to husband hunt. Colonel James O’Connell is the best option. Hard and rugged, James is everything that Rolland is not. Unjustly, Julianna’s father (a distinct man of local legend) binds her to James against her will. Surrounded by political turmoil and war Julianna is forced to trust the Colonel, while her memory refuses to leave Rolland behind. The fight of a lifetime ensues as Julianna tries to get home to the friend that loves her, the family that raised her, and the green eyes that hold her heart.

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Julianna Galloway by Brenda Nolan