Love That Just Is (Erik Ead Trilogy #3)

by Scott Hildreth

4.33 · 6 ratings · Published: Dec 6th, 2013  | 

Love That Just Is by Scott Hildreth

Book 4 of 4
Kelli has developed into a woman that Erik cherishes, loves, and adores. He still, however, requires that she submit sexually and completely.

Erik has developed into a man that Kelli loves, respects, and wishes to please.

In this last of the four book series, Kelli's father becomes ill. Erik and Kelli each struggle with the imminent death of her father, and how to handle the loss of the only parent between them.

As the book progresses, so do they. Their true colors begin to show, and they become more of what each other may not necessarily expect.

What they do become is real.

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Love That Just Is by Scott Hildreth