The Demarcation of Jack (Fractured Fidelities Trilogy, #1)

by Dana Bennett, Blakely Bennett

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The Demarcation of Jack by Dana Bennett, Blakely Bennett
Jack and Jenna embark on a trip to the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica with hopes of rekindling the romance in their marriage. Jack, a successful sculptor, loves their life together, but Jenna must reconcile the anger that has accumulated during their relationship if they are to find the love they once shared.

Jack, taking advantage of a resort offer, invites another married couple, Marcus and Summer, to join them. Jenna unwittingly finds herself sexually charged by Marc who offers her advice and support concerning the problems in her marriage.

Flirtations continue to build between the couples, which initially frighten Jenna, however Jack finds the potential opportunity to have sex with Summer quite appealing. Will Jack’s tunnel vision have negative consequences?
Jack and Jenna’s poignant journey encompasses the real and comedic moments of life. This provocative page-turning romance will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last moment!

Fractured Fidelities Trilogy Book 1

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The Demarcation of Jack by Dana Bennett, Blakely Bennett