Rome (European Secrets, #3)

by Ana Vela

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 7th, 2014  | 

Rome by Ana Vela
Volume Three of the European Secrets series!

Annie is a former best-selling author whose complete devotion to her work has left her love-life, well, non-existent.

She decides to spice things up and, with the help of her best friend and editor, decides on an outrageous plan to help her write her next best-seller: visiting four different men in four different cities all across Europe - 100% No-Strings-Attached!

Annie is in for an entirely new adventure as she steps off the plane in Rome to meet the newest of her mysterious suitors. Receiving a letter from the man she is supposed to meet, the intrepid traveler becomes instantly intrigued by the poetic and artistic stranger when she observes him performing as a living statue in the streets of Rome.

From there, Annie is pulled into a world of exhibitionism and steamy romance, making the writer question everything she ever knew about herself, while at the same time, causing her to yearn for the knowing embrace of Dante, her masked lover.

A story filled with desire, love, and discovery, Rome causes the readers to join Annie in her journey of self-realization and fiery passion for all to see. But will she go too far for her own good??

Fans of E L James, Nina Lane, Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You will love this spicy hot romance series with strong, independent women and sexy alpha heroes.

Vol. 3 is a 10,000+ word novelette. It contains hot and heavy action, spicy descriptions, and sultry times. Read at your own risk...or delight!

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Rome by Ana Vela