Revelations (King's X #2)

by Stephen T. Harper

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Revelations by Stephen T. Harper
We have all lived many lives in the past. The only
true crime is to remember who and what you are.

Book 2 of 3 - King's X: Revelations

Los Angeles: The mystery of the King's X deepens as the stakes rise. The
Shepherd is closing in. Detective Book must lose everything - all he is and all
he believes - to protect this impossible girl from the killer on her trail. Molly
must face her greatest fears to recall the devastating truth of who she is, who
she has been, and what she must do.

Palestine, 1296 A.D.: Broussard and Khali escape from the burning city only to face far greater dangers. They are forced to join the infamous Captain Shahin on a mysterious quest. One step behind them, the Shepherd pursues with an army of Assassins. Far ahead of them, the King's X waits.

Praise for King's X

"This is a 'stand up and take notice' story from a truly gifted writer. The
most original adventure I've seen in years. "The Matrix"
crossed with "The Da Vinci Code." King's X is dark, beautiful,
and very provocative. I've had the story stuck in my head since the first
time I read it." --Ken Miller, Film and TV Producer

"King's X belongs to that rare breed of books whose seemingly
high-concept premise in fact shields a tightly crafted and deeply affecting
story. Harper expertly balances character and conspiracy in a universe that
will grab you from the very first chapter." -- Line Zero Magazine

"Stephen T. Harper is a master of words. I stayed awake all night to finish, heart
pounding, eyes bulging with every new twist, and the ending almost killed me! I
haven't been that surprised by an ending since Dumbledore took a surprise dive
from Hogwarts." --The Paperback Pursuer

"Wow...just wow. Harper really understands language. ... If you're looking for
dessert, skip this. It's too satisfying by far, completely engaging from
beginning to end." -- NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Tamara Rose Blodgett

 "This is a very well thought-out book with lots of suspense, twists, and history. I
give it 5 stars. If you love a good suspense/thriller, you'll love this
book!" -- Paranormal Opinion
'This book has grabbed me. ...really well written and I liked the author's style. Big
thumbs up!" -- Booked Up

 "...starts out mid-action and doesn't seem to slow down even when the author is describing
delicate women in quiet moments with the men they care for... Pick up King's X.
You won't be sorry." -- Into The Morning Reads

"One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE reads this year! Maybe this DECADE!" --Amazon US Reader Review

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Revelations by Stephen T. Harper