MATRYOSHKA - Sex in the Golden Age (Naked Beyond Space & Time #3)

by Doris Dawn

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 7th, 2013  | 

MATRYOSHKA - Sex in the Golden Age by Doris Dawn
Doris feels jealous on her hubby's geeky practices. Out of envy for his newly acquired gadget (from the inner core of Saturn), she gravitates closer and closer to Don. In her desperate love-making attempts, Doris accidentally unravels a few secrets of the universe, such as the negative Kelvin temperatures and the reasons of an (earlier thought to be) irrational number: Pi. But this is only the beginning of her new adventures: the cold cores of stars are waiting; inside a millisecond pulsar there's room for more genuine love-making than you may ever dare think about. The game of love (and war) is greater than the universe, after all. Enjoy the continuation of this fantastic sex story! (35000+ words)

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MATRYOSHKA - Sex in the Golden Age by Doris Dawn