Beach House Vacation (Allie)

by Allie Wilder

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: May 22nd, 2013  | 

Beach House Vacation (Allie) by Allie Wilder
When she talks her uncle into letting her have his new beach property for the weekend, Allie sets out for a relaxing weekend of sun, sea and sand. She gets more than she bargained for though when the handsome older man next door offers to show her the sights. Her fantasies of an experienced man come to the fore and she finds herself wondering what making love with a man almost double her age would be like. She finds out on the Sunday afternoon when the man invites her in from the beach to enjoy some lemonade. His interest in her bikini-clad body is all too obvious, but she soon lets him see more as her fantasy comes true.

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Beach House Vacation (Allie) by Allie Wilder