Passion (Caballo de Fuego #2)

Florencia Bonelli, Rosemary Peele

Rated: 4.42 of 5 stars
4.42 ·
[?] · 14 ratings · Published: 01 Dec 2014

Passion by Florencia Bonelli, Rosemary Peele
Helping suffering children of the war-torn Congo has long been a dream for pediatric surgeon Matilde Martinez. When the opportunity arises, she must leave Paris—and the recent heartache of love lost—to take it.

Professional soldier Eliah Al-Saud arrives in the Congo with a different goal: to take control of a coltan mine—a mineral highly coveted by manufacturers of mobile phones—and to acquire all its profits.

But Eliah’s heart has another burning ambition, one much more important than money or power. He vows to win back Matilde, the love of his life—his very reason for living and breathing.

In a land ravaged by violence and cruelty, the two star-crossed lovers must overcome not only the painful secrets that separated them in Paris but the very real and immediate danger of powerful guerrilla groups. They must once again fight for their passion.

With more explosive international intrigue, heart-pounding danger, and aching romance, Passion is the second enthralling book in the Year of Fire trilogy.
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