The Bishop Witches (Bound by the Craft, #1)

by Ruby Knight

4.00 · 3 ratings · Published: Jun 8th, 2014  | 

The Bishop Witches by Ruby Knight
***This book is NEW ADULT. Recommended for readers 18+. It is based in the college stage of life.***

Savannah meets a guy that shows her that the world as she knows it, isn't the world she knew at all.
Stephen introduces her to a world of sorcery and magic.
Savannah is a Witch.
A vengeful sorcerer takes Savannah's roommate as leverage, in an attempt to stop Savannah from accepting the power that is rightfully hers.
If she accepts her magic, her roommate dies. Will she choose to become a light witch?
If she doesn't, she will go back to living a completely normal mortal life and in the process save her roommate.
But could she live a normal life after tasting a bit of magic?
Savannah has to find a way to accept her magic and save her roommate.
With a witches kiss, is she killing her friend?

The Martin Family's sorcery line dates back to the Salem Witch Trials.
Savannah is thrown into the world of magic, bringing danger laced in persecution that has lasted decades. This just so happens to be wrapped in a nice man candy package.
Can Savannah find a way to accept her power and save her roommate, accepting her magic in the final hour?

Savannah can't deny her fate. She will become a witch, bound by the craft.

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The Bishop Witches by Ruby Knight