Milked by Royalty: The Full Collection

by Jena Cryer

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Milked by Royalty: The Full Collection by Jena Cryer
With her visa expiring in less than a month, Julia Dorne swears she'll do anything to remain in the country she's come to love, and nothing would please Lord Ashe more. When her rich benefactor gives her the option of entering his service, she signs up for a week-long trial contract to work in his dairy, but little does she know he doesn't want her to milk his cows. He wants her to become one.

Now available for the first time in its entirety, MILKED BY ROYALTY: THE FULL COLLECTION tells the story of one woman's journey into submission and the unlikely love story that blossoms amidst her descent. She'll be drugged without her consent. She'll be stripped and molded into a prized human cow. She'll be milked, humiliated, ravaged by human bulls, and gangbanged by dozens of Britain's royalty. But worst of all, she'll be totally, utterly, and unforgivably drawn to the one man who forced her into this servitude, the one man who captured her, claimed her, and with any luck...will love her just as much as she loves him.

MILKED BY ROYALTY: THE FULL COLLECTION is a 62,000 word erotic love story featuring human cows, rapid breast enlargement, forced lactation, human bulls, lesbian encounters, gangbangs, bondage, submission, master/slave relationships, extreme body modification, and at times dubious consent. All characters depicted in this work are over 18. This is a work of fiction meant for an adult audience. The author does not condone or endorse any of the behaviors carried out by its characters.

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Milked by Royalty: The Full Collection by Jena Cryer