Naughty Stories from A to Z (Naughty Stories from A to Z #1)

by Alison Tyler

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 16th, 2004  | 

Naughty Stories from A to Z by Alison Tyler
Be a voyeur and peek into the worlds created by some of today’s top erotica authors. Push forward to discover the kinky little creations that turn them on. There is a satisfyingly naughty thrill in experiencing their imaginations at work. You can bind yourself to them through their words, even if only momentarily.

Now, here’s the best part: Once you catch a glimpse, you can return as often as you want, plunging back into the deliriously sexy fantasy creations of Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Thomas S. Roche, Dante Davidson, Rachel Kramer Bussel, M. Christian, Sage Vivant, N. T. Morley, Mark Williams, and the many other talented authors you’ll discover in this engaging collection. You can relive Michele Zipp’s obscene phone call in "Aural Penetration," and can lose yourself in the slinky vision of Michelle Houston’s sensuous heroine in "Exposed." You can learn a lesson in cheating behavior from "On the Down Low" by Stephanie Schroeder and wish you really did know the man named Jack in Dante Davidson’s sexy short piece "You Don’t Know Jack."

As you flip through these pages, get ready for a voyeuristic experience like none other—because this book is naughtier than ever!

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Naughty Stories from A to Z by Alison Tyler