Elizabeth's Cherry (Elizabeth's Sex Stories #4)

by Nikki Sex

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Elizabeth's Cherry by Nikki Sex
Sir finally takes Elizabeth's anal cherry. Yet the seductive kidnapper gets far more than he expected. Not to mention real difficulties with Elizabeth's husband Mark. What is in Mark's past that makes him so dangerous?


At the sight of Elizabeth on her knees and forearms, her wrists cuffed to the bed, and her ass in the air, André's throbbing cock twitched and pulsed. He stroked it once more, to soothe the ache. "Ma chèrie, with the mirror I see you clearly. Such large breasts! They hang well. When I thrust into you, those breasts will swing back and forth and the nipples will rub on this sheet, no? It will feel very well I think."

He bent over her and played with her clit a bit, and traced her labia. Elizabeth made a number of sweet helpless sounds, needy desperate noises. André laughed. "Look into the mirror.” He tugged her braid and her head rose up. “I will hold your braid to steady myself when I ride you - you are such a luscious mount. It may be a rough ride, because you are a little worked up, yes? You will thrash and buck, as I fuck you, I think. Yet I have ridden difficult mounts before. It is a privilege to break you into this pleasure, Elizabeth, to show you the joy of a cock in your small hole. But I want to watch your reactions as I fuck your ass for the first time, so look at me in this mirror."

Elizabeth, who was watching him, nodded wordlessly. Her countenance was heavy with a lust and exhaustion yet André could see by the whites of her eyes that she was anxious, too, afraid to have her ass violated. He had been keeping her off balance and preparing her, charging up her entire body for this one moment. And now the moment had come. At first he would go slow, but by the end she would love anal sex. Elizabeth was ultra sensitive as he had planned… and ultra horny.

"Spread your legs, oui like that. Now don't move."

André looked around one last time. Elizabeth was still wearing her stockings and garter belt and the sight of her in them with her ass in the air inflamed him. Her buttocks were red, with hand prints, whip marks and three large welts from the cane. He felt the heat of her burning buttocks radiating to his hips and thighs and cock. Her eyes were on him, her tits hanging low, her legs spread just right. The woman was highly aroused, flushed and breathing heavily. Perfect. All was ready.

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Elizabeth's Cherry by Nikki Sex