Femme Fatale (Pericolo #1)

by Kirsty-Anne Still

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Femme Fatale by Kirsty-Anne Still
They call me the Femme Fatale.

But only because they don’t know me.

My job - seduce men only to deliver their death sentence.

I work for my father’s business. I’m his secret weapon. I’m the one that gets away with murder.

For years, I’ve given in to my father’s demands, lived the life of a mob princess, fell into this merciless realm where he presents me with a man and one goal – to kill.

When it’s to keep the Abbiati name from ruins, I’ll run with the wolves and protect it fiercely.

However, when he brings a new name to the table, I know my newest mission could well be the one that breaks me - don’t feel, don’t deviate, kill Zane Maverick.

It should be simple, but how am I supposed to choose between the man who raised me to be this seemingly heartless and strong female and the man I could only ever love to death?

***Warning: 18+, due to scenes of graphic murder, sex and a high use of swearing***

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Femme Fatale by Kirsty-Anne Still