The Prince's Pet

by Alexia Wiles

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 5th, 2014  | 

The Prince's Pet by Alexia Wiles
Her village burned and ravaged by raiders, farmer's daughter Eveline has been sold into slavery. Her journey will take her further than she would ever guess. All the way over the sea to a foreign land, to be presented as a gift to the handsome warrior-prince Issander, the heir to the Cimbrai throne.

Surrounded by luxury, Eveline is pampered and groomed to be the perfect pleasure slave. As she learns to serve her new master, Eveline is taken on another journey: one of awakening sexual desire, spirituality, passion and love. And the reluctant heir finds himself falling for his fair foreign beauty.

With an ailing king and an obligation to marry and secure the succession, will Eveline's prince cast her aside, or will the two find a way to achieve happiness together?

Warning: This erotic romance is intended for adults only. It contains sex scenes, light bondage, discipline and slavery themes.
Length: 43k words - novella/novel

This book is set in a fantasy world in an historical time period. It does not correspond to any particular location or time in our history.

'The Prince's Pet' is tagged as:

  • fantasy 5
  • historical 5
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The Prince's Pet by Alexia Wiles