Crimson Footprints: New Beginnings (Crimson Footprints #2)

by Shewanda Pugh

4.33 · 3 ratings · Published: Feb 26th, 2013  | 

Crimson Footprints: New Beginnings by Shewanda Pugh
An eleven-year-old boy hitchhikes 1500 miles from Bismarck to Miami; a prostitute yearns for escape from a prison of her own making, and the horrible secrets of a long-ago murder are unraveled in the shadows of one woman's dreams.

Lizzie Hammond is an ill-fated whore that believes in little, save her own ultimate demise. Kenji Tanaka is a pseudo-architect, content to hide in the shadows of his family's overwhelming success. Neither can stand the other. But the appearance of a boy only rumored to be true helps them discover that two unlikely halves can fit together as the perfect whole. For Lizzie Hammond and Kenji Tanaka, redemption is found in the most unlikely of places: each other, even as the world around them disintegrates.

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Crimson Footprints: New Beginnings by Shewanda Pugh