Episode Three (Look Back in Anger, #3)

by S.N. Graves

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 16th, 2014  | 

Episode Three by S.N. Graves
Samantha has had about all she can stand of her psycho stepbrother’s idea of wooing, and when an unexpected ally arrives on Arles’s doorstep, she may have finally found her escape plan.

Alex has been desperate to be part of the team, but now that he has to get his hands dirty, he’s finding teamwork isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Look Back in Anger Series Synopsis

Sam can't remember much of being a child, but the scraps of memory she clings to all hold the same terror--Arles Colfter. Now he's blackmailing her, threatening her elderly father, and forcing her to face a past long buried. Plus she's pretty sure he's a baby-eating werewolf.

In this urban fantasy novel, all SynthPet technician Samantha wants is to live quietly with her herd of cats and one-eared dog, but when Arles kidnaps her, she’s forced to unravel a thorny tangle of truth and lies, or risk being dragged down the rabbit hole into Arles's world of intrigue, gun-toting vigilantes, and...zombies.

WARNING: Look Back in Anger is a serial. This is episode three of six. Individual episodes may not have a completed story arc, as they are building blocks to a larger work, much in the way a season of television can be broken into smaller parts. Individual episodes may not all include the same elements, such as sex, violence, and mature language, but it should be understood that these are elements of the series as a whole and any individual episode may in fact include these elements.

If you have not read Episode One and Two, you are strongly encouraged to do so before beginning Episode Three.

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Episode Three by S.N. Graves