I Don't Remember You

by Stephanie Lennox

3.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Nov 15th, 2010  | 

I Don't Remember You by Stephanie Lennox
"I Don't Remember You" is the story of a sporty, outgoing girl named Becca Jameson, who's life suddenly gets put on hold as she recovers from a horrific car accident. With the help of her brother Harry, her life soon clambers back onto the right track, however, after a while a peculiar girl stumbles back onto the scene, someone that Becca can't recall at all. She finally realises that a huge chunk of her life is missing from her memory, and she becomes obsessed with trying to get the many things back that she has lost.

On the other hand lies a bookish and shy teenager Jasmine Grant, who has been ripped up inside from grief in the months Becca has been away from her. Apart from her father, her cries are ignored- because what seems like a friendly neighbourhood town to most eyes, is actually a homophobic dictatorship run by none other than Becca's mother, a religious figure in the community.

The book concentrates on Jasmine's fear of society and the courage she has to gather to regain everything she's ever wanted, despite her almost crippling shyness.

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I Don't Remember You by Stephanie Lennox