Tears of the Bishop (The Faith in Peril Trilogy #2)

by Holly Newcastle

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Tears of the Bishop by Holly Newcastle
Tears of the Bishop

Book 2 of "The Faith in Peril Trilogy”

Anna Glick finds Bishop Elijah Hartzler’s sermons engaging and honest, but his pain is at times evident. His wife, Justine, is pregnant with their third child, although the first two did not survive their births. As she prepares to go into labor, everyone prays for her, including Anna, who wishes nothing but happiness and peace for the long-suffering bishop.

When tragedy strikes, the community rallies, but, in his anguish, Elijah pushes everyone away. Stumbling upon him hiding in a cornfield, Anna consoles the grieving man, and her words ease his sorrow. A friendship forms between the two, and, through the tears, a connection develops…growing into something far deeper.

But everyone thinks Anna will marry Abram Zug, who she has been courting. To compound matters, the Albrechts have taken it upon themselves to be ever-present at Bishop Hartzler’s house, pushing their daughter, Catherine, in his direction. Through the trials of grief and loss, Elijah is determined to follow his heart, even if it means breaking all the rules in the process.

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Tears of the Bishop by Holly Newcastle