Where The Rebel Flag Still Waves (Long Road Home, #1)

by Zoey Marcel

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Where The Rebel Flag Still Waves by Zoey Marcel
In 1861 an outlaw assumes the name James Dunn and hides in Charleston to escape Sully, a demon who is stalking him. When James meets Sonnet Legare, an innocent Southern beauty, he knows she’s the woman he’s seen in his dreams for years, his angel.
His best friend, Beau Riley is a grizzly bear shifter who recognizes his mate in Sonnet. James and Beau decide to pursue her together to make her theirs.
The strong sexual pull Sonnet feels toward them challenges every principle she has. She gets engaged to James’ stepbrother, Landon McKenzie, a gentleman that she hopes can keep her ladylike. Little does she know James and Beau are not above playing dirty to get her.
Things get even more complicated when Rashad, a were-lion, comes into Sonnet’s life. She’s his mate and he’s willing to lie in wait for the right moment to make his move.
James and Beau trick Sonnet into marrying them and refuse to divorce her, using every trick in the book to keep her in their bed. Even if they win her, Sully has sworn to unleash hell if James ever finds peace with his angel.
Contains: Graphic threesomes, straight sex, gay sex, forced seduction, spanking, sex toys, double anal penetration, hot wax play, figging, anal fisting, public sex, deflowering, shaving, lesbian sex, anal and oral sex.

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Where The Rebel Flag Still Waves by Zoey Marcel