Sharing Among Friends (The Boss's Pet #3)

by Tonya Kinzer

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Sharing Among Friends by Tonya Kinzer
Book 3 (35,500 words; 173 KB): Nick Carrington has helped Sondra overcome many of her fears regarding his lifestyle and is glad she has joined him. In time, all of his fantasies will become a reality and with a beautiful woman at the same time. Nick is fully aware that Sondra may have fantasies of her own. Can she trust him enough to share those with him?

Not only has she satisfied his clients with great investment strategies in the office, she will eventually satisfy a few of the Doms that he's good friends with, she just isn't aware of that yet.

My two characters venture deeper into a world of pleasure, pain and satisfaction for both. Join Nick and Sondra as he introduces her to his lifestyle, opens doors she never imagined, and creates in her...a need she can't control!

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Sharing Among Friends by Tonya Kinzer