Becoming Katelyn

by Michelle Hazen

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Becoming Katelyn by Michelle Hazen
Before our car went off the road tonight, I’ve never felt fear like this. I didn’t know it could feel like screams creeping up my arms and into my shaking fingers. That it could erase the person I had been in the space of a single night.

I can’t believe it is up to me to rescue my older brother Seth. From anything, but especially not from death.

I need help, but there’s no one I can trust. When we started dating, Jeff was funny, athletic, strong. He only broke his leg in the crash, but what came after broke something else within him. Now he’s no good to anyone.

Seth’s eerie friend Luke is watching me, his unnerving colorless eyes stealing what little courage I have. He’s the last person I would ever choose to share a dark forest with.

The snow is falling. The sun is gone. My fear staunches no wounds, sets no bones, repays no blood. No one is coming to rescue us.

I didn’t know fear could be like this, could twist people like this. Before tonight, I didn’t know anything.

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Becoming Katelyn by Michelle Hazen