The Only Two Men I Need, Part 1 (The Only Two Men I Need #1)

by Tiffany Madison

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The Only Two Men I Need, Part 1 by Tiffany Madison

"But Clayton, you've known me for my entire life. Are you sure you want to do this?"

After my parents decide to leave the country for some religious sabbatical, I'm forced to move in with our friend, Clayton.

I hadn't seen Clayton in some time and I'm surprised when I lay eyes on him again. The military has made him muscular, powerful and authoritative, on top of his natural sexiness. I can't believe how much his body has changed in just a few short years and I'm sure he feels the same way about mine.

But things get interesting the first day that I move in. I know that he's attracted to me and it becomes even more clear when I catch him pleasuring himself just minutes after seeing me in my swimsuit.

However, Clayton isn't the only one who is turned on. Watching him touch himself takes me to a whole new level of horniness and I find myself losing control.

Can I contain myself and my carnal instincts, or will I beg Clayton to take me for my first time, hard and without protection?

This 7,500-word short story features an 18-year-old woman enjoying her first time with a muscular and powerful soldier.

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The Only Two Men I Need, Part 1 by Tiffany Madison