Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang (Taken by the Outlaw Biker and His Gang #1)

by Tiffany Madison

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Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang by Tiffany Madison
"If you do exactly as you're told, I'll get your dad out of this little predicament he's in."

My parents were always struggling with money and they had to make a lot of sacrifices when I was growing up in order to make ends meet. That was, until my dad joined the outlaw motorcycle club, The Siblings Of Freedom. Although he never went into details about what he did with the club, he started bringing home wads of cash and money was no longer a concern.

But life wasn't going to be as easy as we had thought. When my dad gets into a bit of trouble during a business transaction, he's forced to rat out a club member. There's only one man who can clear his name and keep him safe: The new leader of the club, a man who calls himself "Mercy".

But Mercy isn't going to help my dad for free. He wants one thing in exchange and he wants it badly: Me.

Will I let Mercy have his way with me hard and without protection in order to help my dad clear his name?

This 6000 word story features a muscular and powerful outlaw gang leader taking control of a beautiful and innocent 18 year old girl.

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Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang by Tiffany Madison