Producing the Billionaire's Heir (Producing the Billionaire's Heir #1)

by Tiffany Madison

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Producing the Billionaire's Heir by Tiffany Madison
I thought life would get better for me after my high school graduation. I was wrong. Every day I worked at a job I hated so that my mother could afford rent for our new place. That all changed when my mom met Mr. John Powers.

Mr. Powers was a billionaire. Soon after he began to date my mom, he invited us to live with him in his mansion. Soon, I found out that he was in need of an heir for his fortune. What my mom didn't tell me was that, in exchange for his generosity, he required something that I wasn't sure I was willing to give up: my virginity. Mr. Powers wanted to fuck hard and without protection, providing him with the heir that he needed. Would I let Mr. Powers knock me up so that my mom and I could live the life of luxury we had always dreamed of?

This 6500 word story features a powerful and muscular multi-billionaire seducing an innocent 18 year old virgin. It includes foreplay, manipulation, masturbation, fellacio and a powerful impregnating creampie!

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Producing the Billionaire's Heir by Tiffany Madison