My Hardest Lesson

by Tiffany Madison

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My Hardest Lesson by Tiffany Madison
"But Mr.'re a cop! You aren't supposed to do this!"

The dance competition was finally here. Months of practice, leading to one ultimate stunt that was going to earn our all-girl dance team the gold medal…

…but I slip and screw it up.

My friend, Sammy, is the one that got me onto the dance team and she's very upset by my costly mistake. But, she's not nearly as angry as her father is.

How mad can someone be for losing a silly dance competition for their daughter? It turns out…very mad.

Sammy's father is a cop and he's not afraid to use his authority. Will he be angry enough to have his way with me hard and without protection for my first time, or will he be slow and sensual like I had always dreamed?

This 6500 word story features a powerful and muscular cop roughly handling a beautiful 18-year-old woman.

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My Hardest Lesson by Tiffany Madison