The Cowboy From Down Under (Cowboys After Dark #2)

by Maggie Carpenter

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The Cowboy From Down Under by Maggie Carpenter
“What’s with you Aussie men?” she howled.
“I can’t speak for anyone but myself,” he answered, “and now my hand is going to do the talking for me. I’ll stop spanking when you say one of two things. Either you want me to take you back to Sydney, or you agree that I’m in charge.”

A successful photojournalist, Emma Harrison has landed in Sydney on a mission; to capture thrilling sights for an upmarket coffee table book. She is known as a daredevil photographer, a woman who isn’t afraid to risk life and limb for ‘the’ picture, and when an opportunity presents itself, nothing...and allowed to stand in her way.
Derrick Palmer, the man her publishing company has hired to take her to the outback, isn’t just any tour guide. He is an Aussie cowboy who knows the dangers that lurk in the desert, and he is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the spunky Miss Harrison out of harm’s way.
Neither could possibly know that the perils they’ll face will ignite erotic sparks, hurtling them into the flames of a hot, passionate romance, but with Emma living the USA, and Derrick based in a small country town outside Sydney, how can they possibly share a future?
The Cowboy From Down Under is another sexy, steamy, Maggie Carpenter romp, starring a fabulous, feisty female and a romantic, no- nonsense Dominant cowboy. Spanking, bondage and salacious sex is par for the course as Derrick uncovers Emma’s submissive nature, and knocking gently on his heart, she enters, closes the door, and throws away the key.

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The Cowboy From Down Under by Maggie Carpenter