Scottsdale Sizzle (Laura Black Mysteries #3)

by B.A. Trimmer

4.50 · 4 ratings · Published: Feb 1st, 2015  | 

Scottsdale Sizzle by B.A. Trimmer
"This time, Laura Black may be in over her head! "

Scottsdale’s favorite investigator, Laura Black, returns in a new thrilling romantic mystery. This time around, she’s hot on the trail of a treasure chest full of priceless jewelry. Unfortunately so are both the bad guys and the FBI. The client’s a guy in from Chicago and he seems to have more secrets than answers. Things go from bad to worse when Laura stumbles across yet another dead body. As always, Laura is helped out by her best friend Sophie and former cop Gina Rondinelli. Together they’ll solve the mystery, even if it kills them.

To add to the confusion, Laura is trying to have a real relationship with plainclothes cop Jack Reno, while at the same time she can’t help but have lingering romantic thoughts about the gorgeous and dangerous crime lieutenant, Maximillian. Lurking in the background is Carlos the Butcher and his vicious gang of drug smugglers. Laura will need to work hard to stay out of their way.

With equal parts humor, action, and mystery, Scottsdale Squeeze is the perfect light, fast, and fun summer novel.

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Scottsdale Sizzle by B.A. Trimmer