Stranger in my Bed: Box Set

by Kristen James

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Stranger in my Bed: Box Set by Kristen James
Book One: Waking Up

I wake up and confused and lost… except for Ellison, the key to my past and current life. My memories are shattered images at best and make no sense, and what I’m learning about myself makes me question who I am. Clues add up to different answers. Everyone else is certain about me and what’s going on, leaving me questioning my sanity. Ellison is my lifeline. He’s also a stranger to me.

Book 2: Home, Sweet Home?

I’m living with a stranger and tiptoeing over secrets. Strange memories shift into my brain, memories that I can’t explain. Despite all the evidence that Eli and I are married, I know something isn’t right. I’m pretty sure he’s spying on me. I wonder what Eli is hiding from me. For that matter, what is he hiding from? He’s keeping secrets, but are they related to my memory loss? Is something even bigger going on? I’m playing a double agent, working with him to rebuild a life while trying to uncover the truth.

Book 3

I want answers. I’ll find a way to get them. Eli has an explanation for everything...until he doesn’t. I finally crack him and gain leverage, only to learn a new, more twisted story. How can I believe round two of his lies? Now I know for certain he’s not the only one in on this conspiracy, but I still don’t know why this is happening to me.

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Stranger in my Bed: Box Set by Kristen James