Summer Flambe' (The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles #2)

by Paisley Ray

3.63 · 8 ratings · Published: Jan 1st, 2012  | 

Summer Flambe' by Paisley Ray
It’s 87’, the era of Pop Rocks, Jelly shoes and big hair bands. Rachael O'Brien continues to chronicle her summer and her freshmore plan seems simple: Veg-out and avoid Dad’s girlfriend. As if “quality time” working in her father’s restoration shop for the summer isn’t tortuous enough, his ditzy, aerobic-instructor-girlfriend who’s age is somewhere between--too old to be her sister, but too young to be her mother, moves into their house and tries to bond. Just when things seem maxed-out-weird, Rachael's traveling psychic mom and her nut-case partner make a surprise visit, sending life into warp-speed wackadoo.

Rachael sets out to convince her estranged mother to return to her old life. But things don’t go as planned. The theft of an eccentric client’s painting unravels a guarded family secret and throws Rachael into a romantic encounter with a wanted man. The summer break ignites into a whole lot of trouble and a zany journey of personal discovery, heartache, and resiliency in PAISLEY RAY'S SUMMER FLAMBE'.

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Summer Flambe' by Paisley Ray