Caelen's Wife: A Whisper of Fate (Clan McDunnah #2)

by Suzan Tisdale

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Caelen's Wife: A Whisper of Fate by Suzan Tisdale
Will Clan McPherson ever know peace again?

Long ago, Fiona McPherson made a sacred vow to never let her clan fall or be absorbed into another. Honor will not allow her to break her oath. Devastated she leaves Caelen McDunnah heartbroken on the stairs of his keep — turning away from the only man she has ever truly loved. Still, she is determined to prove that Caelen is not behind the attacks.

Will Caelen McDunnah’s heart ever know peace again?

Wrongly accused, Caelen enlists the help of Angus McKenna, chief of the Clan MacDougall. Spies are sent far and wide to help uncover the truth. Undeterred by Fiona’s belief that they can never be together, Caelen must find a way to make Fiona his wife.

Will Fiona choose her clan over Caelen?

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Caelen's Wife: A Whisper of Fate by Suzan Tisdale