Life Before Damaged Vol. 5 (Life Before Damaged #5)

by H.M. Ward

4.63 · 10 ratings · Published: Feb 1st, 2015  | 

Life Before Damaged Vol. 5 by H.M. Ward
Money. Power. Sex. 

This can't be happening. Maybe storming off to the club and getting sloshed was a bad idea, but I couldn't handle all that's happened. Forget for a while, that's all I wanted. After dancing with the wrong guy all night I planned on forgetting everything troubling me while rolling around in his bed. The problem is the guy is Pete Ferro and I'm me. It's a horrible plan to get all sinful and sweaty with him, but it's exactly what I need. One night with no connections, no worries, and a guy who isn't after my money or my family.

Screw it. I'm going to get lucky.

Genre: New Adult Romance  
This story unfolds over multiple volumes  
Length: Approx. 130 pgs 

'Life Before Damaged Vol. 5' is tagged as:

  • contemporary 5
  • new adult 5
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Life Before Damaged Vol. 5 by H.M. Ward