Aiden's Story (A Watcher Novel)

by S.J. West

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Aiden's Story  (A Watcher Novel) by S.J. West
As Aiden and Caylin prepare for their Valentine’s Day wedding, Aiden is given some sage advice. Before he can truly give Caylin the beautiful future she deserves, he must willingly let go of his personal demons and allow them to remain buried where they belong, in the past. If he doesn’t, he will continue to second-guess himself and never fully believe he is worthy of the happiness they share. With pencil in hand and a blank journal in front of him, Aiden begins to write the story of his life spanning from the moment he was created up to his present. As a War Angel, Aiden was made to fight and little else. When he was given the opportunity to become a Watcher, Aiden thought he had found his true calling. After disobeying God’s law and falling from His grace, Aiden allowed the darkest recesses of his soul to reign over his actions. After years of self-loathing, Aiden was finally given the chance to prove to himself and God that he had the willpower to rise above what he had become. When Caylin first entered his world, Aiden knew he was being given the chance at a new life. Everything up to that point, the good as well as the bad, was meant to lead him to her. His true destiny…

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Aiden's Story  (A Watcher Novel) by S.J. West