Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part One (Shared By The Dragon Clan #1)

by Rosette Bolter

3.00 · 3 ratings · Published: Sep 24th, 2014  | 

Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part One by Rosette Bolter
Stacey Caversham has just been convicted of her room mate's murder - a crime she did not commit. The judge gives Stacey a choice - she can either do twenty years in prison, or one year on Firebound Island. The only catch is, on the island, there's dragons.

Thrust into the unknown, Stacey soon meets Zane, Head of the Dragon Knights. It's his duty to 'test' Stacey out to see which of his men she will be suitable for. Before Zane can make his choice however, he also finds himself falling for her.

Together, Zane and Stacey soon must face off with the tyrannic Dragon King, Horatio, who threatens to tear them apart. The outcome will be that both must sacrifice something in order to keep the other one alive, and there are no easy choices to make...

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Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part One by Rosette Bolter